Our Accomplishments so far

It is said to whom much is given, much is expected. Individually and collectively, we are a blessed people. And YOUR generosity over the past year+ have funded the execution of some amazing accomplishments. Before listing them, we want to stop and say THANK YOU for your generosity, especially though the Citizen Levy program on AmbaGov. As a God fearing people, we ask that God continues to bless the work of your hands so that you might bless the nation of Ambazonia on its path to restored Statehood.

Without sharing information that could hurt our strategic and tactical efforts, here is a short list of some the key achievements:

  • The funding of the Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Corporation TV (SCBC-TV) [over $12,000 a month]
  • The recent creation of the Short Wave Radio Station  (Voice over Amba)
  • Legal Defense for detained Leadership
  • Lobbying and Public Advocacy
  • Refugee Relief - inside Ambaland and in camps in Nigeria
  • Detainee Assistance (in jails and prisons in La Republique Du Cameroun)
  • Restoration & Reconstruction Planning

Short-live the Revolution!
Long live Southern Cameroons Ambazonia!

Acting President Samuel Sako