How it works and What you get in return

Purchasing a ticket for your trip to Buea gets you a place aboard this majestic airline on its official trip to Buea. You recall that our symbolic declaration of Independence on October 1, 2017 shook the Republic of Cameroun Government, especially following the awe-inspiring marches of September 22, 2017. We take a moment to respectfully honor the memory of the children, women and children who were senselessly killed by the army of the Government of Cameroun. May their Souls Rest In Peace.

Purchasing a ticket for #MyTripToBuea gets you a boarding pass. Following purchase, boarding passes will be emailed to you based on the information you entered when making your donation. For donors who share their mailing addresses, physical copies of their boarding passes will be mailed to their addresses on file.

What does a boarding pass get you? Well, for starters, it recognizes and validates your contribution to making Buea a reality. When Buea becomes a reality, you will be honored accordingly (TBD - rewards program being developed)

What if you lose your boarding pass? No worries. You will be able to pull up an electronic copy of your boarding pass on this website, by searching based on your unique boarding pass number.


Short-live the Revolution!
Long live Southern Cameroons Ambazonia!

Acting President Samuel Sako