Frequently asked questions

If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers. We strive to give you the best buying experience possible. Click a question below to view the answer.

MyTripToBuea is a one-time donation according to the level of ticket you purchase.

You can pay in installments. Select the first option "Partial Payment" on the Ticketing page.

As many as you need to. We will compile your payments and qualify you for the ticket level that matches your donation amount.

Yes. AmbaGov Citizen Levy is a monthly donation through If you are already a monthly donor, Thank You! And please keep your donations coming. All our accomplishments thus far are thanks to YOUR donations.

MyTripToBuea does not replace or interfere with the AmbaGov Citizen Levy

We are currently developing the functionality to securely create Boarding Passes. When we complete it, we will start emailing and mailing Boarding Passes to all flyers.

Flyers/Donors who provide their mailing addresses when making their donations will receive their boarding passes in the mail. 

We expect the feature for creating and sending out Boarding Passes by April 5, 2018. In the meantime, you will most certainly electronic confirmation of your payment/donation.

Depending on the type of ticket you purchase, you will be recognized on a to-be-built memorial in Buea to honor all persons who made the trip to Buea possible. Recognition will be by level. Detailed plans for this memorial are still being finalized.

The successful payment notification (pop-up on mobile devices and follow-up email) states that you will get a confirmation number for your ticket. However the actual receipt has no confirmation number. Where is my confirmation number?

Because MyTripToBuea uses a 3rd party payment processing website (gateway), we chose not to customize the payment workflow for cost reasons. We chose to handle the management of confirmation numbers separately and to send them out via email. We have implemented a system of record that allows us to track every single payment through every channel - as well as offline donations and fundraisers through cultural organizations. Using this system, all Regional Coordinators now receive very frequent updates of actuals vs. targets for their respective regions. Also, using this system, individual email notifications will be sent to every donor confirming their ticket levels, sending them their Boarding Passes and thanking them for their immeasurable contribution to getting us to Buea.